HST. 583: Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Data Acquisition and Analysis.

This Harvard-MIT HST course is offered every two years, and the next course will be offered in the fall of 2024.

Resources of other educational lectures:

  1. Introduction to fMRI [Martinos Center, Why & How seminar]
  2. Biophysical modelling to deconvolve neurovascular signals [ISMRM 2020]
  3. Methods for mitigating physiological noise in fMRI time series [OHBM 2022]
  4. Hands-on: Functional Connectivity with BOLD fMRI [ISMRM 2022]

𓅹 Medical image cartoons:
In addition to those advanced neuroimaging topics, we are also interested in creating cartoon tutorials on medical imaging. Some examples are shown here